First Kiss on CD  featuring:     


  1. First Kiss   (Matt Margucci)
  2. Island Spinning Song   Traditional    
  3. Sixteen Tons   (M.Travis) 
  4. Honky Tonk Girl  (H.Thompson, C.Harding)    
  5. I Have You  (G.Nelson, P.Nelson)           
  6. Oh Me Oh My   (Matt Margucci)   
  7. Molly Malone   Traditional        
  8. Rainbow Connection   (P.Williams, K.Ascher)      
  9. Big Iron/Ballad of Paladin Medley   (M.Robbins, J.Western, R.Boone, S.Rolfe)
  10. Four Walls  (Moore, Campbell)    
  11. Dreamin' of Me and You  (Matt Margucci)
  12. Steal Away  (P.Coulter)
  13. I'll Tell Me Ma   Traditional      
  14. Shenandoah  Traditional

Produced by Matt Margucci, Recorded at Double M Mobile Studios, Burbank, CA  

ŠJulie Delaney 2001, P.O. Box 622 Newport Beach, CA 92661   

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