Innisfree to Japan 2003

Innisfree after the 2nd show in Kadena



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The Shuri Castle

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Hungry Koi fish at the Ryuku Village 

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Julie with Nadia




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The Band at the Shuri Castle

On the bands day off, we did some sight seeing.  First we saw the Shuri Castle, ancient home of the Emperor of Japan.  After lunch, we saw the living history museum of Ryuku Village.  Live musicians, dancers and artisans demonstrated traditional Okinawan ways.  A visit to the 100 yen store, similar the 99 cent store in the states, but full of really neat, high quality things, and dinner at a real sushi bar.  The food was absolutely delicious.  The whole day a success thanks totally to our new friends Bernadette, Alex, Marcus, Brianna & Gina and Margarette, Anthony, Nadia & Aidan.

Come back soon for more pictures and stories.


other pictures



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Terry with Bernadette & Margarette, at the Shuri Castle


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A performer of traditional dancing at the Ryuku Village

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Handmade hats from the Ryuku Village